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The people of Rockledge, Florida are suffering through one of the worst economic times in Brevard's history.  Faced with job loss, pay reduction and insurmountable debt, many Rockledge residents are scrambling to make ends meet and to keep their homes.  The Bowin Law Group was establised to provide legal assistant to Brevard County residents during their time of financial need.  The Bowin Law Group understands that bankruptcy is not the best option for every debt problem.  We provide counsel in many areas of debt relief, including Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy, Mortgage Modification, Debt Settlement and credit card defense.  We offer free consultations and affordable payment plans to all Brevard County residents.  Contact the Bowin Law Group today to speak with a   Rockledge Florida Bankruptcy Attorney or a  Foreclosure Defense Attorney to discuss which of the many debt relief options best suits your family's needs.  Or click on one of the following links to learn more about how we can help you.

Harassed by debt collectors?  Contact a Rockledge Bankruptcy Attorney

Harassing phone calls and threatening letters are very unpleasant and can be extremely stressful.  Attorney Beau Bowin can help get bill collectors to STOP calling you and STOP their harassing techniques.  During tough financial times, the last thing you need is more bill collectors calling you or filling your mailbox.  Declaring bankruptcy or choosing another form of debt relief could be the solution that you are looking for.

Attorney Beau Bowin knows that you are already going through financial difficulties.  That is why he always ensures affordability and personal attention.  When you are looking for premier legal services combined with the personal touch that you need for this delicate matter, the Bowin Law Group can help you.

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Serving Rockledge, Florida

Attorney Beau Bowin can provide you with the assistance you need if you and your family are facing foreclosure in Rockledge.  Not only does Mr. Bowin have the legal knowledge that you need, he also has a unique perspective on foreclosure and bankruptcy cases - he knows how important this is to your family and he will give your case the attention that you deserve. 

With years of experience and countless successes in the area of bankruptcy and debt relief, Beau Bowin can give you the cabdid advice and assistance that you need.  No matter what your case entails, Mr. Bowin will work tirelessly to help you achieve the best possible outcome to your situation, whether that means filing bankruptcy, modifying your loan or other debt relief option. 

Your family, your home and your financial well-being are very important to you.  Rockledge Florida debt relief attorney Beau Bowin is devoted to providing you with the best possible service. 

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