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If you are being constantly harassed by debt collectors in Merritt Island, call the Bowin Law Group to speak with an experienced Merritt Island Florida Bankruptcy Attorney. If your home is in foreclosure, or the bank is threatening foreclosure, call today to speak with one of our  Merritt Island Florida Foreclosure Attorneys.  The Bowin Law Group can put an end to the collection calls, defend your foreclosure action, and maybe even modify your mortgage to a lower monthly payment.  Call now for a Free Consultation.

Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Merritt Island

If you are being sued by creditors, your car is being repossessed, your wages are being garnished, or the bank is foreclosing on your home, there are laws in place to protect you and your assets.  Although Bankruptcy is only one option, it may be the best solution to your debt problems.  The Bowin Law Group has helped countless Merritt Island clients navigate the bankruptcy process, from Fortune 500 companies to families struggling to make ends meet.  The Bowin Law Group will give you the highest caliber representation at a price you and your family can afford.  Call our office now to schedule a Free Consultation to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you.

Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney Serving Merritt Island

Protecting your home is important.  Only an experienced Merritt Island foreclosure lawyer can give you the advice you need to protect your home.   Many homeowners mistakenly believe they cannot afford to hire an attorney to defend their foreclosure.  They can.  The Bowin Law Group offers reasonable and affordable payment plans to all Brevard County residents facing a foreclosure.  You do not have to lose your home and you can receive the experienced legal assistance that you deserve.

The Bowin Law Group knows that dealing with a foreclosure is stressful for you and your family.  We are here to help.  Whether you want to keep your home and modify your mortgage or you want to give your home back to the bank, ignoring the foreclosure action is the worst thing you can do.  If you fail to defend the foreclosure action, the bank can sell your home and then sue you again to recover any deficiency resulting from the foreclosure sale.  For example, if you owe $100k on your home, but the bank sells it for only $50k at the foreclosure auction, you have a $50k deficiency that the bank can sue you to collect.  The bank can garnish your wages or your bank accounts and even put liens on your property to recover the deficiency.   

If you want to keep your home, the Bowin Law Group will defend your foreclosure action and negotiate a modification of your mortgage to reduce your monthly mortgage payments.  If you want to surrender your home, we will pursue options to eliminate your liability for any deficiency, including a short-sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

Whether you are considering bankruptcy or you want to modify your home mortgage, the Bowin Law Group will always give you the dedication and client service that you expect from a premier law firm.  

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