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If you are one of the many Cocoa residents being harassed by debt collectors or are being sued by a creditor, you have legal rights to stop the harassment and release you from your debts.  Bowin Law Group offers free consultations with our Cocoa Florida Bankruptcy Attorney to discuss whether a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense or other Debt Relief option is best for you.  The Bowin Law Group will advise you of the entire bankruptcy process, the debts bankruptcy can eliminate, how bankruptcy will affect your assets, and the impact bankruptcy will have on your credit score and your financial future.  Only after you have this relevant information can you determine whether bankruptcy is right for you.  If Bankruptcy is not the choice for you, Bowin Law Group can advise you on many other Debt Relief solutions to fit your needs.  Bowin Law Group provides reasonable payment plans to all Brevard County, Florida residents.

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Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Cocoa, FL.

Families in Cocoa, Florida are suffering though one of the worst economic periods in Brevard County's history.  Many people are losing their jobs, or taking substantial reductions in their income, while their debts continue to climb out of control.  With foreclosures mounting, tens of thousands of families throughout Cocoa have watched their home values crash, finding themselves with mortgage debt substantially higher than the value of their homes.  With their reduced incomes, these families are unable to make their current monthly mortgage payments, and they cannot refinance because there is no equity in their homes.  All too often, the homeowner's attempts to modify their mortgage fail (despite the homeowner's best efforts) and the bank files a foreclosure action to take the home.  It is important that these homeowners know that they have rights that can stop the foreclosure action, even if they are substantially behind on their payments. 

If you are currently in the modification process or are already in foreclosure, contact our office today to discuss what options are available to stop the foreclosure, modify your mortgage and save your home.  Bowin Law Group offers affordable payment plans to all Brevard County residents.  Let Bowin Law Group help you take back control of your financial future.

Mortgage Modification Attorney in Cocoa, Florida

Many Cocoa, Florida homeowners are attempting mortgage modifications with their lenders, only to find that the lender is not as interested as the homeowner is in saving the home.  The banks constantly give the homeowners the run around.  The homeowner can never speak with the same bank representative twice, is continually required to provide more and more information, is required to fill out the same paperwork more than once, and can never speak to a bank representative with any authority to commit to a modification.  The bank representatives often ensure the homeowners that the bank will not foreclose.  The bank may even grant the homeowner a "temporary modification" while the bank is considering a more permanent modification.  Coincidentally, the "temporary modification" will likely require the homeowner to pay just enough money to cover the bank's foreclosure expenses.  In essence, the homeowner's "temporary modification" may be paying the costs of the homeowner's future foreclosure. 

If you are one of the homeowners in this situation, contact Bowin Law Group immediately.  Too many Cocoa residents are losing their homes because they followed the advice of their bank.  Despite what the bank representative tells you, if you are behind on payments, the bank will foreclose on your home.  The bank already has an attorney working on its side.  You should have an attorney working for you. 

Bowin Law Group will negotiate a modification with your lenders and will work to prevent a foreclosure on your home.  If the Bank has already filed a foreclosure action on your home, we will fight to stop the foreclosure action and modify your mortgage to save your home.  However, it is critical that you act immediately.  Failure to act quickly may result in you waiving your rights and losing your home.

Short Sale Attorney in Cocoa, Florida

If your mortgage debt exceeds the value of your home, and you want to surrender your home, you should consider speaking with a short-sale attorney at the Bowin Law Group.  A short-sale is much like a regular sale except that you are selling the home for less than you owe.  The critical element to a short-sale is having the bank waive any potential deficiency it may other sue you for.  For example, if you owe $200k on your home mortgage but the bank forecloses and sells the home for $100k, the bank can still sue you for the $100k difference between the mortgage debt and the amount for which the home was sold.  When you negotiate a short-sale, however, you sell the home to a third-party, and in exchange for you not putting the bank through a costly and time consuming foreclosure action, the bank agrees to reduce or waive completely the $100k deficiency. 

Because a short-sale requires a substantial amount of negotiation with the bank, it is best to be represented by an attorney experienced with short-sale and foreclosure defense.  By having an attorney on your side ready to fight a foreclosure action, the bank is less likely to attempt a foreclosure on your home and more likely to accept a short-sale and waive any deficiency. 

Bowin Law Group has represented countless homeowners in short-sales throughout Brevard County.  If you are considering whether the short-sale option is right for you, contact the Bowin Law Group today to schedule a free consultation to discuss this option.  If you choose to retain the Bowin Law Group to assist you in a short-sale, we offer affordable payment plans that you and your family can afford.

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