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The Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney at the Bowin Law Group has seen a significant increase in the number of mortgage modification for distressed homeowners. In 2013 alone, our foreclosure defense attorney has obtained approximately 60 mortgage modifications for Brevard County residents, including Melburne, Palm Bay, Merritt Island and Cocoa. Many of these modifications were acheived before the bank filed a foreclosure suit against the homes. Our Foreclosure Defense Attorney is pro-active in seeking a modifcation from the banks and doing whatever he can to prevent a foreclosure action from being filed. If we notify the bank ahead of time that we represent the homeonwer in seeking a modification, and that we will defend any future foreclosure action, the banks are more likely to push the foreclosure case aside and review the homeowner's request for modification. At the end of the day, the bank is going to do what costs it the least amount of money. If it costs less for the bank to foreclose than it does to modify the mortgage, then the bank is going to foreclose. If it costs the bank less for the bank to review the homeowner's application for modification, then the bank will review the application for modification before foreclosing. It's really just that simple.

Although no foreclosure defense attorney can guaranty a successful modification of your mortgage, by being pro-active, your foreclosure defense attorney can help to assure someone at the bank actually reviews your modification paperwork before throwing your home into foreclosure. By notifying the bank that we will defend any future foreclosure action, we hope to send up a red flag to the bank that your foreclosure case is going to cost the bank a lot of money. When doing their cost analysis, the costs should prompt the bank to assign someone to your case that actually has authority to modify your mortgage, rather than dealing with a customer service representative that has no idea what a mortgage even is.

Whether you are currently in foreclosure or just in default of your mortgage, contact our foreclosure attorney today to schedule a free consultation to determine what we can do for you. Or, complete our free online case evaluation and someone from our office will contact you.

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