Foreclosure Defense Yeilds Another Mortgage Modification


Earlier today, the Bowin Law Group's foreclosure defense attorney received one of the best modifications we've received in the past 4 years. The homeowner's original mortgage totalled $182,000. After more than a year of negotiating with the lender and submitting voluminous paperwork, we were able to reduce the principal balance to $90,000, paid over 22 years at 2.0001% interest for the life of the loan. With escrow, the payments have been reduced from over $1,200 per month to just over $600 per month. This is one of the best modifications we have seen.

The homeowner came to Bowin Law Group after the bank filed a foreclosure action on his family home. Our foreclosure attorney entered the case, asserted defenses to the foreclosure action, and ultimately prevented the bank from obtaining a foreclosure judgment and selling the home while we worked toward a mortgage modification. Without a viable foreclosure defense, this home would have been foreclosed and the homeowners family removed from their home.

This case is a great example of what a foreclosure defense attorney can accomplish and why everyone faced with a foreclosure should hire a foreclosure attorney to defend their case. There are many qualified foreclosure attorneys in Melbourne Florida, Palm Bay Florida and throughout Brevard County. If you are faced with foreclosure, contact our office today to determine what we can do for you. We will also give you referrals to other local qualified foreclosure attorneys if you choose not to retain us. However, after consulting with us, we are confident you will choose Bowin Law Group to protect your families' interest, defend your foreclosure, and negotiate a modification on your home mortgage.

The banks are approving more modifications than at other time in the last 4 years. Take advantage of this opportunity now. The quicker you take action, the better your chances are of obtaining a modification. It may just be the best financial decision you'll ever make.

Starting in March 2014, Bowin Law Group clients will have access to HomeTeam Mortgage Solutions' EZMod mortgage modification system. Created by Attorney Bowin's years of mortgage modification experience, the EZMod system is your one-stop resource for mortgage modification. The EZMod system gives you online access to all the necessary forms, with step-by-step instructions on how to complete those forms. The EZMod system will guide you through the entire mortgage modification process, alerting you to common mistakes and pitfalls that cause many otherwise qualified applications to be denied. To access the EZMod system, go to

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