Foreclosures on the Rise in Melbourne, Florida


The Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attormey at the Bowin Law Group has counseled thousands of Brevard families regarding the foreclosure of their homes and the modifications of their mortgages. Over the last three years, the Brevard County foreclosure process has changed, and then changed again. In the past, the foreclosure process was extremely slow, with backlogs of foreclosures clogging up the system. In 2013, that has changed. Now, the Foreclosure Court and the banks have streamlined their prcoesses, and foreclosure are going through quicker than ever. Unfortunately, a majority of homeowners do not defend their foreclosures, and the Court grants foreclosure judgments without much scrutiny of the banks records.

If you are currently in foreclosure in Melbourne, Palm Bay or anywhere in Brevard County, and you want to save your home you must contact a a foreclosure attorney right away. Even if you are in the process of modifying your mortgage with the bank, the Court will still enter a foreclosure judgment against your home and set your home for a foreclosure sale if you do not defend your foreclosure. Despite what the bank representative tells you on the phone, if you do not defend your foreclosure, you will lose your home. In fact, Brevard County recently made national news as the county with the highest foreclosure rate in the entire counrty. You can bet that 75% of those homeowners were in the modification process when the foreclosure started and when their homes were sold. Speaking with the bank representative is not enough. You must seek legal help to resolve your foreclosure action.

If you do not already have an attorney to represent you in your foreclosure, whether you live in Melbourne, Palm Bay, or any other part of Brevard County, please call us today to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss what we can do for you. If you do not call us, please call someone to represent you. The banks have thousands of attorneys working hard to protect the banks' interests. You should have an attorney on your side fighting for you.