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Brevard County recently made national foreclosure news, but not in a good way. In November of 2012, Brevard County led the entire nation in foreclosure filings. Foreclosures in Brevard County have picked up pace and are being shuttled through the court system quicker than ever. However, there is still hope. The Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney at the Bowin Law Group has had great success so far in 2013 with modifying delinquent mortgages. Not even two months into the year, Bowin Law Group has obtained more than 20 mortgage modifications from various mortgage lenders, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and CitiMortgage, as well as several local and regional mortgage lenders. These modifications have helped homeowners avoid foreclosure and keep their homes with monthly payments they can afford.

Many of the homeowners we have helped were already in the foreclosure process. Their bank had filed a foreclosure action in the Circuit Court and served the homeowners with a foreclosure summons and foreclosure complaint. Many of these homeowners were in the process of applying for a modification when they received their foreclosure summons. As you can imagine, most of these homeowners were a bit distressed to find that the bank was foreclosing even though they thought they were working with the bank to modify the mortgage. The reality is, even if you are attempting to modify your mortgage and are complying with all of the bank's endless requests for documents, the bank can (and often does) still file a foreclosure action in state court. Fortunately, with a proper foreclosure defense and a foreclosure attorney that understands the modification process, these homeowners were able to modify their mortgages, dismiss their foreclosure case, and save their homes.

Bowin Law Group has helped hundreds of Brevard families avoid foreclosure on their homes by obtaining modifications of their mortgages. If you are behind on your payments, you do not need to wait until the bank forecloses to seek help modifying your mortgage. Bowin Law Group can guide you through the modification process and be there to defend you in the event the bank decides to foreclosure while we negotiate on your behalf. More importantly, if we get involved prior to the bank filing foreclosure, we are often able to prevent the bank from filing the foreclosure in the first place.

For more information about the modification process and how we can help you, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Foreclosure Attorney in Melbourne, Florida. Or, complete our Free Online Evaluation and someone from our office will contact you.

Starting in March 2013, Bowin Law Group clients will have access to HomeTeam Mortgage Solutions' EZMod mortgage modification system. Based on Attorney Bowin's years of mortgage modification experience, the EZMod system will guide you through the entire mortgage modification process, with step-by-step instructions. By using the EZMod system, you can be sure you are submittin the most comprehensive, most up-to-date, most proven modification application possible. To access the EZMod system, go to

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