Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney Sees Increase in Foreclosure Trials


Prior to 2013, foreclosure cases in Melbourne Florida would take a very long time to get to trial. Homeowners could stay in their homes mortgage free for long periods of time even without hiring an attorney to defend the foreclosure. That trend changed dramatically in 2013, which saw a substantial increase in the number of foreclosure trials. If you have a home in foreclosure in Melbourne or anywhere in Brevard County, now more than ever you are encouraged to consult with a Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney to defend your foreclosure. Whether you are seeking a mortgage modification, a short-sale, or some other form of mortgage relief, hiring a foreclosure defense attorney may be the best money you ever spent.

By hiring a foreclosure defense attorney, you may prevent the bank from taking your home before you can work out another solution. Your foreclosure attorney will also provide valuable leverage in obtianing a loan modification or short-sale, or whatever relief you are looking for. Don't just assume the bank will hold off on the foreclosure just because you applied for a loan modification. More than 400 homes go to foreclosure sale every month in Brevard County, ninety percent of which were in the modification process.

If your bank representative tells you not to worry about the foreclosure because you are in the modification process, hang up the phone and call us immediately. We offer free consultations for foreclosure defense, and will give you honest, candid advice about your foreclosure relief options. Your bank has thousands of attorneys working to protect their interest. You should have an attorney protecting your interest and your home.

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