Foreclosure Attorney, Melbourne Florida - Foreclosures on the rise in Melbourne and Brevard County


The number of foreclosures in Melbourne, Palm Bay and the rest of Brevard County spiked in the final months of 2013. The trend appears to be continuing in 2014, with foreclosure judgments being entered in the hundreds per month. What was in the past a very lengthy process, the foreclosure process in Melbourne has been expedited by the local courts, and by the banks that have spent billions of dollars refining their foreclosure processes, not to mention lobbying the state legislature for more favorable foreclosure laws. Now more than ever, a Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney is essential to saving your home if you are in foreclosure.

If you are seeking to modify your mortgage, don't assume that sending a modification application to your lender will stop the foreclosure from proceeeding. IT WON'T. The foreclosure process is completely separate from the mortgage modification process. The bank's mortgage modification department is entirely separate from the bank's foreclosure department. The two departments do not communicate with each other until AFTER THE COURT ENTERS A FORECLOSURE JUDGMENT. By then, it is often too late to save the home. For this reason, if a foreclosure complaint has been filed against you, a foreclosure attorney is your best chance to save your home and modify your mortgage. A Melbourne Foreclosure attorney can, at the very least, delay your foreclosure case, giving you valuable leverage for modifying your mortgage. By having an exeperienced foreclosure defenses attorney fight your foreclosure, the bank's costs will increase substantially, making it financially prudent for the bank's foreclosure department to communicate with their mortgage modification department. In this way, your attorney can cut through much of the red tape that would otherwise prevent you from getting your mortgage modification. In most cases, your attorney can send your modification request to the bank's foreclosure attorney who has direct access to your bank's decision makers.

Although the cost of hiring a foreclosure attorney will likely be a couple thousand dollars or more, depending on the attorney and their services, the cost is well worth it if you are serious about saving your home. Not only will you be able to stay in your home mortgage-free for many more months than you otherwise could (even if the bank wins the foreclosure), but you substantially increase the chances of resolving the foreclosure case by reaching a mortgage modification with your lender.

If you already have a foreclosure attorney, speak with him or her about whether they can help you with your mortgage modification. Not all attorneys do modification work. If they cannot help you, contact Bowin Law Group to assist you with your mortgage modification. We will work together with your current foreclosure attorney to see that you have the greatest possibility of obtaining a modification with your lender.

If you have not already hired a foreclosure defense attorney, our foreclosure defense attorney will be happy to defend your foreclosure and help you apply for your mortgage modification. Over the last 4 plus years, the Bowin Law Group has helped thousands of Brevard Families with mortgage modification, foreclosure defense, short-sales, strategic default and bankruptcy. We are ready to put our experience to work for you.

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