Port Saint John Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Attorney


The Bowin Law Group is proud to announce the opening of its Titusville, Florida office.  With the addition of the Titusville office, Bowin Law Group is better able serve families in Titusville and Port Saint John who are in financial distress.  Our Titusville / Port Saint John Bankruptcy Attorneys and  Foreclosure Defense Attorneys are here to protect your family's assets and safe gaurd your financial future.

With recent layoffs throughout the Space Coast, many Brevard families are struggling to make ends meet and to pay their monthly mortgage payments.  No where is this more so than in Titusville and Port Saint John.  Most of these families feel their situation is hopeless and that they have no one to turn to for help.  They are reluctant to retain legal representation because they feel they cannot afford an attorney.  It is for these people that the Bowin Law Group was established.  As Brevard's Hometown Law Group, we offer reasonable payment plans for all Brevard residents, whether you are considering bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, strategic default, or some other debt relief option.  For the cost of about 1 mortgage payment, the Bowin Law Group will represent your family to either defend your home from foreclosure and modify your mortgage, or to help eliminate your debts to your mortgage company and other creditors.

Don't wait until your retirement savings are depleted and your severance has run out before you seek legal counsel.  By contacting our office early, we may be able to preserve your retirment savings and other assets while working out a solution to your debt problems.

Call us today to find out how we can help you.  Or, fill out our Free Case Evaluation and someone from our office will contact you shortly.

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