Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney - Banks sue homeowner for loan balance after foreclosure sale

As a Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Lawyer, I've defended hundreds of foreclosures in Brevard County.  Recently, I've notice that many homeowners are now getting sued by their mortgage companies AFTER their homes are foreclosed and sold. 

Many clients have come to us after their home was sold in a foreclosure sale or short-sale and the bank is now attempting to collect the amount remaining on the loan after the sale.  This is the very reason it is important to hire an attorney to defend your foreclosure or to represent you in a short-sale.  If you don't have an attorney to help negotiate a waiver of your debt, the bank may still have a claim for the loan even after the sale.  They can then attempt to collect the money for the next 20 years by garnishing wages and bank accounts and seizing your personal property. 

If you are facing a foreclosure or are considering a short-sale of your home, contact our office today for a free consult to see how we can help you eliminate your debt to the bank.