Foreclosure Attorney in Melbourne Florida Secures another Mortgage Modification


Over the last 4 years, our Melbourne Florida foreclosure attorney has helped hundreds of homeowners in Melbourne, Florida and throughought Brevard County modify their mortgage and save their home from foreclosure. We have counseled thousands more on all forms of debt releif, including bankruptcy, short-sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, mortgage modification and foreclosure defense. Although we've been pretty successful over the years, this year marks the most successfull year for modifications in our history. Banks that once upon a time would never reduce the principal amount of the motgage loan are now doing so. We just recently received two more principal reduction modifications, one from Bank of America, and the other from Chase. In each case, the banks cut more than $100k off the loan and reduced the interest rate below 4%. These homeowners now have a mortgage equal to the value ot their home, they can afford their monthly payments, and there foreclosure actions were dismissed.

Although we enjoy helping all of our foreclosure clients, it is especially gratifying to get a modification on a mortgage that was in foreclosure when it came to us. Knowing that we not only defended the foreclosure action, but helped to make the home affordable for a family, is the most satisfying part of our job.

For those that are seeking modifications of their own, the best advice I have is to not give up. It can be a time consuming process. You are required to send documents multiple times, each time the bank telling you they did not recieve it. When they do finally receive the documents, they always find something wrong with them. It seems like a never ending process. But if you stick with it, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. If you are in foreclosure in Melbourne Florida and are getting nowhere with your bank, give us a call for a free consultation with a Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney to discuss how we can help you. Or fill out our Free Case Evaluation and someone from our office will get back to you.

Introducing the EZMod mortgage modification system

Starting in March 2014, Bowin Law Group clients will have access to HomeTeam Mortgage Soultions' EZMod mortgage modification system. Developed from years of first-hand experience with thousands of mortgage modification applications, the EZMod system will guide you through the mortgage modification process with step-by-step instructions. By following the EZMod system, you can be sure you are submitting the most comprehensive, most up-to-date, and most proven modification application possible. You can access the EZMod system at

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