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If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Melbourne - Viera, Florida, you probably have many questions relating to the bankruptcy process. For information on the costs associated with filing bankruptcy, please read the remainder of this Blog below. For other information on filing bankruptcy, please review the tabs to the left of this page, or click on one of the links below:

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How much does it costs to file bankruptcy in Brevard County, Florida? The fees associated with filing a bankruptcy depend upon whether you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. The fees associated with each type of bankruptcy are as follows:

Chapter 7 Fees:

  • Attorney's Fees - Attorney's fees for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy typicaly range from $1,200 - $1,500, depending on the complexity of the bankruptcy case. Rarely have we ever charged more than $1,500 for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. A joint filing for spouses is typically $1,500, total.
  • Court Filing Fees - The filing fees for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, whether your filing individually or with your spouse is $306. This fee is paid to the firm, which the firm then pays to the Bankruptcy Court upon filing the bankruptcy petition.
  • Credit Couseling - The bankruptcy code rquires all debtors to take a credit counseling course before filing their petition. The course costs about $30 and can be taken online. It typically takes 45-60 minutes to complete the course. This fee is paid directly to the credit counselor, not to Bowin Law Group.
  • Credit Report Fee - Before filing your petition, we run a credit report to make sure we include all of the creditors in your bankruptcy. The software we use downloads your creditor information from the 3 major credit bureaus and imports that information into our system. The credit report costs $30 for an individual and $50 for spouses filing jointly

***Bowin Law Group offers payment plans to all Brevard residents for Chapter 7 bankruptcies.

Chapter 13 Fees:

  • Attorney's Fees - The Attorney's Fees for a Chapter 13 are approximately $3,500. A portion of this fee is paid prior to filing the petition (typically $1,500), and the remainder is paid through you Chapter 13 repayment plan. See our page on Chapter 13 bankruptcy for more information on the Chapter 13 process.
  • Other Fees - The other fees for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy are essentially the same as the fees stated above for Chapter 7.

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