Merritt Island Florida Bankruptcy Attorney - What to consider when hiring a bankruptcy attorney


Another Bankruptcy tip from your friendly Merritt Island Florida Bankruptcy Attorney.

If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Merritt Island / Port Saint John / Cape Canaveral, Florida, you probably have many questions relating to the bankruptcy process. One of those questions should be how to find a competent attorney to advise you of your bankruptcy options and, if necessary, file your bankruptcy. Below is some some advice on how to select the best bankruptcy attorney for you.

How do I choose the right bankruptcy attorney for me and my family?

Bankruptcy is a very speciallized area of law. Only a small percentage of attorneys have any measure of expertise in bankruptcy law. It's extremely important that you know how long your attorney has been practicing bankruptcy law and what kind of bankruptcy experience your attorney has. In this economy, bankruptcies have become very popular, and many attorneys have jumped on the bankruptcy bandwagon because the feel they can make a lot of money in this economic environment. Some of these attorneys do massive amounts of television advertising to lure clients to their high rise offices in Orlando, Florida. It is important that you do research on the law firm before you hire them for your bankruptcy case. Researching attorneys has become quite easy in the Google age. You can simply type in the attorney or firm name and get a ton of information about the firm from third party sources, such as previous clients, peers and the courts.

For example, if you are curious about what previous clients felt about the firm you are looking to hire, Google search that firm in connection with the Better Business Bureau. If you want to know whether that firm has ever been sanctioned by the bankruptcy court, Google the firm or attorney name in connection with bankruptcy court sanctions. If you want to know if the firm is being investigated by the Florida Bar for elicit practices, Google the firm or attorney in connection with Florida Bar investigations or sanctions. Google searches on local papers, such as the Orlando Sentinel, is also a good source for uncovering information about the firm you are considering.

If your prospective firm passes your Google search inquiries, set an appointment to speak with an attorney at that firm. Never hire a law firm unless you are able to speak directly with an attorney about your legal situation before you hire them. Never settle for an "intake specialist" or paralegal to conduct the initial consult. You are entitled to competent legal advice from a bankruptcy attorney BEFORE you hire the firm and spend your time preparing for your bankruptcy.

Once you meet the attorney, ask how long they have been practicing law. More importantly, ask how long have they been practicing bankruptcy. Find out what type of bankruptcy experience they have. Will they be the attorney working your case or will you be passed off to a paralegal or junior attorney? These are all critical facts you should know BEFORE you hire the firm.

Last but not least, make sure you consult with more than one attorney. I would encourage you to meet with bankruptcy attorneys in your local area. Some of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Central Florida are located right here in Brevard County. If you would like a referral to qualified local bankruptcy attorneys, contact our office and we will be happy to consult with you as well as give you some names of our local competitors. Many of Brevard's local bankruptcy attorneys have a vested interest in their community and a keen interest in serving the needs of Brevard families. They are the kind of attorneys you want representing your interest. For more information on my experience and peer reviews, read my Attorney Profile or call to schedule a free consultation to meet with me personally.

In sum, don't just hire a law firm simply because you saw them on television. Do your research, interview local attorneys, and make an informed decision about which attorney is best qualified to represent you and your family's interests.

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