Palm Bay Florida Foreclosure Attorney - Banks mislead homeowners seeking modification


The Palm Bay Florida Foreclosure Attorney at the Bowin Law Group has counseled hundreds of clients over the past year who have been misled by their mortgage companies while seeking a modification of their mortgage.  The bank advises the homeowners to miss their mortgage payment to qualify for the modification.  The bank then puts the homeowners through months of headache and stress - the homeowners are required to fill out all the modification paperwork multiple times (each time the bank loses it), each time the homeowner calls the bank they get a different representative who has no record or recollection of the last phone call, and the homeowner can never get a hold of anyone at the bank who has any decision making authority.  

    Often times, the bank qualifies the homeowner for a "Trial Modification" for 3 to 4 months.  After the homeowner makes the trial modification payments, the bank denies the permanent modification and files a foreclosure action against the homeowner for missing the very payments the bank advised the homeowner to miss.  The bank tricked these Palm Bay homeowners into foreclosure.  However, this is only the begining of the deception.

    The 3 to 4 trial modification payments the homeowners made did not go to pay principal or interest on the mortgage.  Instead, the trial payment went into a suspense account that the bank later used to pay their foreclosure costs.  The bank has deceived the homeowners into paying for their own foreclosure.  

  If you live in Palm Bay and are seeking a modification of your mortgage, or are already in foreclosure, contact the legal team at the Bowin Law Group to schedule a free consultation to see how an exeperienced foreclosure attorney can assist you in modifying your mortgage and saving your home.  We offer reasonable payment plans you can afford.  

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