Melbourne, Florida Foreclosure Attorney: Perils of Following the Bank's Advice.

The Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney at the Bowin Law Group recently represented a client that failed to file a response to his foreclosure action. The client stated that the reason he failed to answer the complaint was that the bank instructed him that he did not need to worry about the foreclosure action because the bank was modifying his mortgage. Following the bank's advice, the homeowner did not respond to complaint, figuring his modification was imminent. When the modification never came, the homeowner contacted the Bowin Law Group to defend his foreclosure action. The Bowin Law Group discovered that the Bank had obtained a default against the homeowner for not answering the complaint, even though it was the bank that instructed the homeowner to ignore the foreclosure action. The Foreclosure Attorney was successful in having the default lifted. However, there are many homeonwners in Melbourne, Florida and throughout Brevard County who also have defaults against them because they also followed the bank's advice and ignored their foreclosure actions. The homeowners are in danger of losing their homes.  This is yet another reason homeowners should seek legal representation when faced with a foreclosure in Melbourne, Florida. Without legal representation, the bank can cheat these homeowners out of their homes.