Melbourne Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Provides Many Debt Relief Alternatives


    The Melbourne, Florida Bankruptcy Attorney at the Bowin Law Group offers a variety of debt relief options to fit your family's needs.  We offer representation for Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy, Mortgage Modification, Credit and Debt Negotiation, Short-Sales, Deed-in-Lieu and Strategic Default.  Because we practice all areas of debt relief, the Bowin Law Group can give you candid advice about which debt relief option is best for your family's situation.  

    Too many bankruptcy attorneys today are practicing bankruptcy for the first time in their career because they think they can make money in this market.  The problem, however, is that bankruptcy is an area of law that requires specialized experience.  If you hire an attorney without a sufficient background in bankruptcy law, you run the risk of losing your precious assets that you worked hard to acquire.  When you file a Chapter 7 bankrupty, the bankruptcy court can take your non-exempt assets to pay your creditors.  If your attorney is not experienced in bankruptcy law, you may not recieve all the exemptions you are entitled to and you may lose property unnecessarily, including your home, your car, and money in your bank accounts.  

    Many attorneys have converted their entire practice to bankruptcy to take advantage of these tough economic times.  If the attorney you hire is not intimately familiar with bankruptcy law, they may talk you into filing a bankruptcy, even when it's not right for you, because they know they will make money off your case.  At the Bowin Law Group, we practice all areas of debt releif.  The bankruptcy attorneys at the Bowin Law Group have handled thousands of bankruptcy matters over the past decade and have the experience to help you navigate the bankruptcy process and to secure all the benefits a bankruptcy can provide.  However, because we have experience in all areas of debt relief, we can recognize when a bankruptcy is not in your best interest and can advise you on which debt relief option is best for you.

    Wherever you live in Brevard County Florida, whether it's Melbourne, Palm Bay, VieraMerritt IslandCocoa, Rockledge or Titusville, the Bowin Law Group will provide you with a free consultation to discuss which debt relief options are available to you.  We have successfully modified mortgages for many Brevard families, succesfully defended foreclosure actions, negotiated credit reductions and debt settlements, and advised homeowners on strategic mortgage defaults and the short-sale process.  Bowin Law Group has a team of legal professionals ready to resolve your debt issues and provide you with the fresh start and financial peace of mind you need.  

We are Brevard's Hometown Debt Relief Law Firm.

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