Changes in Florida Foreclosure Laws

The Florida Supreme Court recently adopted procedures in all Florida foreclosure actions, which significantly increase a homeowner's ability to modify their mortgage and save their home.  A Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney at the Bowin Law Group can explain these new procedures and how they can help you save your home.  In short, the new procedures require the bank to set a mediation with the homeowner to consider mortgage modification options before the bank can request a foreclosure judgment.  The bank is required to present a representative with authority to modify the mortgage if a modification is possible.  This procedure stands in stark contrast to modification procedures outside of the foreclosure process, where the homeowner can never speak with a representative with authority to make a decision on whether to modify the mortgage.  Moreover, you can have an experienced Florida Foreclosure Attorney represent you at the mediation to make sure your interests are protected. To take advantage of this opportunity, the homeowner must act quickly after the foerclosure is filed.  Failure to act timiely will result in a waiver of the  homeowner's right to attempt a modification of their mortgage and the loss of their home.  Regardless of what the bank representative tells you, if you don't respond to the foreclosure action, the bank will take your home.  The Bowin Law Group has counseled many homeowners that were assured that they didn't need to respond to the foreclosure action while the bank considerded a modification.  In most of these cases, the bank obtained a default judgment against these homeowners due to the homeonwers' failure to respond to the foreclosure.  Don't let the bank defraud you out of your home.  The bank has a lawyer working hard to foreclose on your home.  You should have an attorney working hard to save your home and modify your mortgage.  Contact the Bowin Law Group for a free consultation to see how we can help you modify your mortgage ans stop the foreclosure of your home.