Melbourne Florida Bankruptcy Attorney offering reduced rates for pandemic


Melbourne Bankruptcy Attorney, Beau Bowin, has consulted thousands of families in Brevard regarding bankruptcy and foreclosure issues. Although some bankruptcy firms have increased their rates over the last decade, the Bowin Law Group decided to keep its rates as low as possible. To that end, Bowin Law Group is offering reduced rates for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in an effort to assist loal families impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

An unfortunate impact of the pandemic is the ecomomic impact of the resulted shut-down and shelter in place orders. Many families were alreadty struggling to pay their bills, Now with their jobs being furloughed and businesses being closed, their debts have become insurmountable. People literally cannot afford to file bankruptcy. We understand. That is why we are reducing our rates by 20%.

The typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney fee is $1,500. We will reduce that fee to $1,200 for families affected by the pandemic. Just mention this blog to get the discount.

Call us today. As always, the consultation with our bankruptcy attorney is free.

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