Melbourne Foreclosure Attorney gets sanctions against Nationstar Mortgage


Our Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney recently moved for sanctions against Nationstar Mortgage for improper filings in the foreclosure of a Melbourne family's home. The amount to be awarded has yet to be determined, requiring another hearing to determine the homeowners' attorneys fees and costs resulting from Nationstar's actions. The reason for the sanctions is too complex for the scope of this blog, but suffice it to say that had the homeonwer not hired a foreclosure attorney to defend the foreclosure, Nationstar would have improperly foreclosed on the property in February 2014 with no recourse for the homeowner. Now, Nationstar is nowhere near foreclosing on the property and must reimburse the homeowner for their attorney's fees before proceeding further in the foreclosure action. Once they do, we have our defense waiting for them.

Having an experienced foreclosure attorney on your side can mean the difference between losing your family home and saving it. The cost of a Melbourne Florida Foreclosure Attorney at the Bowin Law Group is about equal to one mortgage payment. Considering what is on the line, our foreclosure attorney could ultimately be the best investment you'll ever make.

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